LGBT Sheffield LIVE Project

During late 2013 and early 2014, architecture students from The University of Sheffield were commissioned to undertake a research project into LGBT spaces.

This research forms the basis of LGBT Sheffield's aim to create an LGBT centre in Sheffield.

Their research looked at the needs and desires of the various LGBT communities in Sheffield, as well as examples and models from other cities - both in the UK and internationally.

The students led consultations and presentations and ultimately sourced vital research that would have otherwise been impossible to compile as thoroughly or as time-efficiently.

You can look back at their efforts on their blog -

You can also see their work via this very blog here

We will be continuing the work started by this project and will be updating our progress via our main page and posts as well as our social media channels and email bulletins.

Members of the LGBT LIVE Project with Neale Gibson (LGBT Sheffield Secretary).
From left to right: Simon Chadwick (Tutor) Niamh Lincoln, Gopi Bhuptani, Armand Agraviador, Vakandis Kallis, Katherine Wong, Yu-Hsiang Lai, Neale Gibson (Labour Councillor), Elin Friberg, Kelly-Marie Rodgers, Richard Fennell, Yuting Dai, Yibo Yang,Yaying Feng.