Wednesday, 11 March 2015

E.D.E.N Action! Panel Debate: “Do We Need A Gay Scene?” - Thursday 5 March 2014

E.D.E.N Film Productions – the team behind the brilliant film, ‘Families Like Ours’ created and released back in 2014 – facilitated an open debate as part of a new project (E.D.E.N Action!), with the main discussion at its core: do we need a gay scene?

The subjects up for discussion were a little broader than the title suggests, with a focus on more than just the typical perception of what a ‘scene’ is, such as LGBT spaces, inclusive non-LGBT spaces, community services and provisions and so on.

Meet the Panel

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Friends of Edward Carpenter Voice & Influence event - #LGBTHM15

The weekend of 20-22 February saw a whole program of celebratory LGBT History Month activities, courtesy of the Friends of Edward Carpenter.

Friday evening saw a launch event, with opening remarks and a charity auction, whilst Saturday and Sunday saw a variety of incredible performances, speeches, music and screenings.