Friday, 18 September 2015

LGBT Sheffield at The University of Sheffield's Ideas Bazaar

LGBT Sheffield at The University of Sheffield's Ideas Bazaar

On Wednesday 16 September, some of our LGBT Sheffield folk went along to the University of Sheffield's 'Ideas Bazaar'.

Wait, let me explain. 

The 'Ideas Bazaar' is an opportunity for creative and imaginative types to show off their projects and ideas, partner up with interested academics and collaborate on an activity to form part of the main event - the 'Festival of the Mind'.

So the festival itself is every two years, with an Ideas Bazaar in the in-between year to fully form the festival's content.

All good. Still with me? Great!

The Big Yellow Bus at the Ideas Bazaar

So why did we go?

Well, we thought it was high time we got some LGBT+ up in people's faces as part of one of Sheffield's biggest, most intriguing festivals. So we went and set up our stall.

The newly renovated Firth Hall, hosting the Ideas Bazaar

Our stall, all set up

Our A-Team for the day - Kath, Sye and Tom

You can check out our presentation used on the day - a perfect opportunity to learn more about us!

We had a great day, met some amazing people and had some fruitful conversations with people who wanted to know what we were all about, and how we could work together. Whilst we may not have succeeded in putting forward a specific project, or partnering up with an academic to secure a spot at next year's Festival of the Mind, it was an unmissable opportunity to raise awareness of LGBT Sheffield and our activities and to make connections to enable us to do more in the future.

Watch this space!

Find out more about the Ideas Bazaar and the Festival of the Mind: